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French art student

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And some quick fanarts! ^_____^ 

A very little something for 3 amazing artists!  ♥  

Istaaz for Nadezhdavasile, Dorothea for Zephyrhant, and Tinder for Firstfruit. 

More to come! :D 

2 years ago

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  3. shisleya said: These are awesome! :D They’re so pretty, and I like your coloring style, it feels so traditional! *o*
  4. zephyrhante said: They are all so beautiful!*O* Tu as vraiment réussi! Istaaz is so Istaaz! Tinder is amazing and Dorothea, Dorothea is perfect!!! *_______* Merci mille fois, Armide!!!!!!
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    OMG ……………………*explodes* Omg!*____________________* I….I am speechless!!! Dorothea is superb! C’est tellement jolie…c’est...
  6. serenaverdeart said: I love them all *__* but mostly, I LOVE how Istaaz looks in your style… it’s so her! Thank you soooo much, this was such a sweet surprise ♥♥♥♥ (second try, tumblr didn’t want me to reply apparently :°D I’m probably being annoying!!)
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    ;A; ♥♥♥ what did I do to deserve all this beauty, I just don’t know!! Thank you SOOOOO much ;A; *brb crying*
  8. kanako91 said: Istaaz is lovely in your style *ççç*
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